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Nursing Home Open or Close

For Nurses /Ward Boys /Aayas :

  • Bina Ayah's Section : +91.22.24038000 / 24038700/ 65802939/ 22905450, +91.8422909000
  • Devkinandanan : +91.22.24074418 / 24093536

Organ Donation Open or Close

Human Organ Donation :

  • Eye Donation : JJ Hospital - Eye bank +91.22.23735555
    ( Eyes have to be donated within 6 Hours of the death to get it transplanted. )
  • For Full Body Donation : JJ Hospital - Anatomy Department
    ( In this case the Organs ( Kidney /Liver) are transplanted to the needy or else the body is used for research in Medical Science. )

Organ donation :

Donation of Medicines (Within Expiry Dates) Open or Close

There are instances in life when one suddenly finds surplus medicines/ medical Kits ( waist belts / knee cap etc ) at home due to various reasons - change in dosage / change in treatment / person expires etc in such case normally one tends to scrap the expensive medicine. We would request you to kindly donate the same to the Hospitals /Charitable Institutions, in case time does not permit you. We are there to help you to arrange for a pick up.

All type of medicines / kits will be accepted to be redeployed to the following hospitals for patients who cant afford to buy the Medicines/ Kits :

  • Ram Krishna Mission – Santacruz ( W)
  • Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital – For Cancer Specific Treatment.

Equipment for Limited Mobility Open or Close

Equipments like Wheel Chairs / Beds / Walking sticks / Water Beds / Commodes etc are available from Vileparle Medical/ Public Health trust on reasonable rents / free.

Medical Charitable Trust (Vile Parle) : +91.22.26206581 / 26286186
(It is a Must to get a recommendation letter from the Doctor for the Equipment required and Patients application.)

Bhenji Darbar ( Khar ) : Ms. Duru Pherwani - +91.9323052126

All the above is Subject to Availability

Eye Camps Open or Close

The eyes are unarguably the most important of our sense organs. Clear and consistent good vision is essential not only for day to day life, but also for good productivity.

Problems afflicting the eyes are manifold, and depend upon age, profession, and concurrent ailments, such as Diabetes and Hypertension in a person.

With a view to provide good ophthalmic care to the needy, Raahat has arranged for free comprehensive eye care services. At present the services include Out Patient Consultations and treatment at Santa Cruz.

Later on the plan envisages Cataract Surgery with Lens Implantations as part of its initiative to reduce curable blindness.

To avail of this service, kindly contact:
Dr S V Sharma's Eye Clinic
Opp the Yoga Institute, Prabhat Colony, Santa Cruz East, Mumbai 400 055
Tel : +91.22.26186741

Emergency requirement of BloodOpen or Close

In case of Emergency requirement of Blood, please visit:

We do not discriminate on Caste / Creed / Religion.

We try to support all underprivileged

Donors who have suggestions to donate to particular institute whom we are not covering can please forward us details to

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