Our Programs

  • Toys / Bicycles
    Toys / Bicycles

    One find lots of toys and bicycles which are normally retained by all due to emotional attachments till it goes bad due to Non use and is eventually scrapped. We request all to kindly donate such things in case they are surplus to you and in good order. Surplus could be due to various reasons i.e kids grown up, upgraded models purchased, No time for cycling... Such Unused cycles will be donated to the villagers who have to travel miles together to reach their school for basic education ( They normally would skip school since they do not have transport to reach school in far flung villages ). Once can also buy and donate a cycle for supporting the villagers to reach their School.

  • Books and Educational Material
    Books and Educational Material

    Plenty of under-utilized school material (last year’s uniform, bag, books,stationery etc.) may find its way into scrap dealer, while there are many village / slum kids who will take these essentials happily. Our initiative is about diverting the surplus basic educational material in rural schools, as a reward instead of charity.

  • Surplus Medicines
    Surplus Medicines ( Subject to Expiry dates )

    Medicines ( pain killers / anti biotics. General anesthesia / band aids / dettols / antiseptic creams / drinking water (during drought) ). All type of medicines / kits will be accepted to be redeployed for patients who cant afford to buy the medicines / kits .

  • Mattress / Bedsheets / Blankets
    Mattress / Bedsheets / Blankets

    Good quality of blankets, bed sheets, tarpaulins & ropes can be donated.

  • Walking Sticks / Tripods / Walkers
    Equipment’s for Limited mobility (Walking Sticks / Tripods / Walkers)

    Equipments like Wheel Chairs / Beds / Walking sticks / Water Beds / Commodes etc

  • Eye Camps
    Eye Camps

    The eyes are unarguably the most important of our sense organs. Clear and consistent good vision is essential not only for day to day life, but also for good productivity.

    Problems afflicting the eyes are manifold, and depend upon age, profession, and concurrent ailments, such as Diabetes and Hypertension in a person.

    With a view to provide good ophthalmic care to the needy, Raahat has arranged for free comprehensive eye care services. At present the services include Out Patient Consultations and treatment at Santa Cruz.

    Later on the plan envisages Cataract Surgery with Lens Implantations as part of its initiative to reduce curable blindness.

    To avail of this service, kindly contact:
    Dr S V Sharma's Eye Clinic Opp the Yoga Institute, Prabhat Colony,
    Santa Cruz East, Mumbai 400 055
    Tel :+91-22-2618 6741

  • Surplus Food
    Surplus Food from Restaurants / Marriage Functions...
  • old Clothes (Usable)
    Old Clothes (Usable)

Anything which can be reused can be donated ,
things useless to us may be useful to underprivileged.

Our Collection Program
You can drop this surplus items at our Collection Centres or
Let us know your address on raahatsuresh@gmail.com / Whatsapp on 9769758666 for us to collect the same and deliver to the needy.